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RMUTR provide comprehensive building and landscape maintenance services to RIBAR throughout the Salaya campus. Our services are customized to meet the students demand that occupy a wide variety of facility types, ranging from Computer-laboratory and western-teaching environments to libraries, western-style classroom, gym and football field.


World-class students deserve world-class facilities. From the best teaching and learning environments, to leisure areas and student support services, we make sure you make the most of your time at RIBAR.



"RMUTR Sign !!!"



"RMUTR Main Symbol : The Unity"



"Preparing for ASEAN !!!"



"The Office of the President Building"



"Business Administration Building"



"Business Administration Building"



"RMUTR Main Library Building"



"Main Library @ RMUTR Salaya campus"



"ASEAN Information Center"



"Library Building"



"Research Room in Library Building"



"Princess Sirintorn Building"


_MG_5791    _MG_5789

"RMUTR's culture symbol"



"Main field"



"Main football field of RMUTR"



"Footsal ground @ Salaya campus"



"RIBAR's Classroom Environment"



"RIBAR's Classroom Environment"


"Even sometime studying is difficult"

_MG_5777   _MG_5784

"Nevertheless we still have a friend"


"So, Come to be our friend at … RIBAR …"