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Be yourselves, and we’ll stimulate the modern business ideas within you.


1. Ajarn Paul      

Dr. Ponsan Rojanapanich

   ‘Be Yourselves, Belief in yourselves.’

Educational Background

– Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations), Sripatum University
– Master of Art Administration, Central Queensland University, Melbourne, Australia
– Doctor of Philosophy (Education), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia


– Assistant researcher & International Conference staff, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Managing Consultant, Community Organization Development Institute

Articles in refereed journals

– Rojanapanich, P. and Pimpa, N. (2012), Management of Education Policy: The Cacophony of Education Reform in Thailand. International Journal of Management in Education (IJMIE) Forthcoming Papers

– Rojanapanich, P. and Pimpa, N. (2011), Creative Education, Globalization and Social Imaginary: A Case of Higher Education, Creative Education, Vol. 2, No. 4

Refereed Conference Papers

2009 – Rojanapanich, P. and Pimpa, N., Global Factors and Local Impacts: The Case of Education Policy, Globalization, and Culture in Thailand, In the 37th Annual Conference of Australia and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society (Entering the Age of an Educational Renaissance: Ideas for the unity of purpose or further discord?), 24-27 November, Armidale: University of New England

2008 – Pimpa, N. and Rojanapanich, P., Globalization, Social Imaginary, and Education Policy in Thailand, In the 36th Annual Conference of Australia and New Zealand Comparative and International Education Society (Meeting of Comparative Minds: Education in All its Forms), 24-27 November, Perth: Curtin University of Technology

I’m currently the Consultant of Chairman of the Community Organization Development Institute which I have been involved for the past two years. My main responsibilities whilst fulfilling this include nurturing the improvement of education management in Thai society. I am also the Director of the International Business Administration Program at Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin.

2. Ajarn Natt


Mr. Pawaris Makerd

   ‘Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb up a tree.’

Educational Background

– Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering), Sripatum University
– Master of Business (Enterprise Resource Planning System), Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia


– Project Coordinator, SW Tech & Media Co., Ltd.

– Assistant Project Director, Brilliant System Co., Ltd.

– International Business Consultant, Four Star System Co., Ltd.

            I always remind myself with one of my favorite idiom; ‘you can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb up a tree’. You can’t evaluate other people in something they can’t do. We are just a ‘fish’, you don’t know yet what we can do. Thus, please see what we going to do first and we will show you our abilities; I’ll bring my business’s experiences to educate to my students. I believe that no one can finish a thing completely 100% in a first time; they might finish it with 20 or 30% and continuously fulfill it later on.


3. Arjan Top


Mr. Rapeepat Manasoontorn

 ‘The main task of the teacher is to unlock creativity.’

Educational Background

– Bachelor of Arts in Economics (International Program), Thammasat University
Master of Commerce (Finance), University of New South Wales, Australia


– Research Assistant of Dr.Nipon Poapongsakorn, President of Thailand Development Research Institute Foundation (TDRI), for Sectoral Economics Program (SEP)

Since I was a kid I was taught to believe in everything teacher said to me. That was the way I was raised and I don’t like it that way. Your freedom to doubt is threatened by education and this is the real problem in today world education. The main task of teacher is to unlock creativity of students and this would be the way I will teach my students.


4. Ajarn Noi


Mr. Natakaran Thammaruchsuntorn

   ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.’

Educational Background

– Bachelor of Laws, Rangsit University

– Master of Laws, La TrobeUniversity, Melbourne, Australia


– Assistant Manager (Legal Consultant), Lek Supply Co., Ltd.

I believe that when it comes to working internationally or anywhere, taking other people’s ideas and opinions into consideration is essential. I also adopt this standpoint when teaching my students as I always like to try and promote independent thinking and class contributions.


5. Ajarn Yoon

Dr Mahachai Sattayathamrongthian

   ‘Enjoy your life.’

Educational Background
– Bachelor of Accounting, Kasetsart University
– Master of Business, International Business, Pacific states University, USA
– Doctor of Business, International Business, Pacific states University, USA

Book Publication
Introduction to International Business 1st edition    Bangkok: Danex Intercorporation Co., ltd., 2559
274 Pages. ISBN: 978-616-468-174-3

Research Experience

Google my name in Thai and English



6. Ajarn May


Educational Background

Ifugao State University
Diploma in Teaching Education, Thailand, 2016 – 2017

Capital University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Philippines, 2005 – 2011





7. Ajarn David

Mr. David D. Perrodin

‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’

Educational Background

Master of Education, English Teaching
Ifugao State University







8. Ajarn Air

Mr. Narit Kerdvimaluang

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, North Bangkok.

Master of Business, Finance, Southern New Hampshire University, USA

Kusalasaiyanon, N Kerdvimaluang 2017, The Effect of E-warehouse Management on Business Performance toward ASEAN community of Rice Mill Industries in the central region of Thailand.
Published at Journal of Industrial Education16(1), 149-157

C. Kusalasaiyanon, N Kerdvimaluang 2018
Published at Sustainable performance Monozukuri Human Resource management
Published at 2nd Multidisciplinary Views on Sustainable Living and Built Environment proceeding page 208-218





9 Ajarn Tooktar

Kritthaporn Wongthaworn













10 Ajarn Bank

Sakaranan Preechapanichakarn









Bachelor of Business Marketing, Thammasat University
Master of Business, International Marketing,  Malardalens University Sweden